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Gravel Experiential’s inception was a lot like jumping off a cliff...


(Ever done that? Highly recommend it. Unless you’re afraid of heights in which case it’s probably a terrible idea.)

The three of us had been working together at an agency for years when one day we learned that it was abruptly shutting its doors. No, no. Stop right there! Don’t feel bad for us! It was the best thing that could have happened! You see, the agency may have been gone, but we were still there with all of our years of experience, flawlessly executing events.  And this was a sign from the universe (just like in the movies) that it was our time to shine even brighter.


We brushed ourselves off, splashed cold water on our faces (also just like in the movies), and got our parachutes on. We were going to start our own agency. (This is the part where we jumped off the cliff.) 

were we scared?


were we stressed?


was it thrilling?


were we going to nail this?

Hell yes. 

We soon found the ground underneath us again and Gravel Experiential was born (cue: any song by Lizzo). We incorporated ourselves and got to work on acquiring new business. There was magic in the air (it’s still there, btw) and we were immensely excited to apply our arsenal of knowledge and expertise to something all our own. 


And we had a secret weapon. Not to brag, but our skill sets are complementary like those of a team of event superheroes. Alone we are powerhouses, together we are invincible!

Kristin Quinn

Kristin is our client whisperer. She lives and breathes building bridges of opportunity between big ideas and even bigger results. If she had a tattoo (but never would), it would say “Don’t worry, we got this!”


meet Kristin.

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Katie Albrecht

Katie is our production guru and keeps our universe running on time (and caterers, vendors, deliveries, meetings in line). If she had a slogan it would be “the devil is in the details.”


meet Katie.

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Melisa O'Keeffe

Melisa is our communications wizard. “Detailed and done” is her mantra (or spell). She eats Excel spreadsheets for breakfast.


meet Melisa.

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We’re 5 years in now. Wow, really? How is that even possible? We love what we do and when you work with us, you’ll feel that right away.

Are you ready to have some fun?  >

(No cliff diving required.) 

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