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SEE the magic

aka Gravel XP case studies
Gravel XP's magic is rooted in 100% customized experiences brought to life with tried-and-true principles of production.

Our squad eats logistics for breakfast, sweats process at the gym and dreams about spreadsheets at night. 

Please click on the categories below to see detailed case studies and more information about the work we are so passionate about at Gravel XP.
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/ Gravel's recipe for success /

Listening to our clients

(like REALLY listening and then translating client objectives into the real world)​

Always custom, no repeats

(never off-the-shelf, every event is tailor-made to each client and their goals)​

A sh*tload of time

(which is why you’re hiring us and not doing it yourself)​

Planning for the known...and unknown

(let us be the ones up at 3am writing lists and checking them twice)

Fierce dedication to each and every detail

(like mama bears with spreadsheet cubs)

Flawless execution every. damn. time. 

A passion for the process and production

(start to finish, we seriously love this work)

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