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the magic.

The dictionary defines an event as “a thing that happens, especially one of importance.”

Well, we agree that it’s a “thing” and that it “happens” and that it’s “important.” But at Gravel XP, we know a successful event is about much more than just that. 


Gravel XP defines events as, 

“thousands of expertly orchestrated touchpoints that work together to create a memorable experience with the power to leave a lasting impression of your brand.” 

And here’s what it takes to do events the right way: 


A sh*tload of time

(which is why you’re hiring us and not doing it yourself)​


Planning for the known........and unknown

(let us be the ones up at 3am writing lists and checking them twice)


Fierce dedication to each and every detail

(like mama bears with spreadsheet cubs)


Flawless execution every. damn. time. 


A passion for the production

(start to finish, we seriously love this work)

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