Smith + Forge National Launch: 



Promote the launch of Smith & Forge, a new hard cider with a distinct brand position.


Create a thematic launch event in Brooklyn that communicates the brand's "gritty, but great" brand identity.


We took over the Brooklyn Bowl with a unique 1920s style event. Key beer drinkers were invited via Thrillist to come enjoy Smith & Forge Hard Cider and experience 1920s feats of strength games and live music. Activities included an arm wrestling tournament, a bowling competition, a High Striker competition, a custom photo booth with oversized props and blacksmiths forging branded belt buckles onsite. We interviewed and hired 30 promotional staff and sourced period-appropriate costumes. The evening culminated with a performance by Caveman as well as an appearance by “Breaking Bad” actor, Mike Ehrmantraut.


This event was a huge success and consumers were excited about the first look and taste of Smith & Forge Hard Cider. Lines to get into the event formed around the block. Once inside, consumers actively participated in all the activities and experienced the true essence of the brand. 

Program Type:

Brand Launch Event

Music Performance 



Creative Strategy

Experiential Design

Venue Selection + Management

Spatial Design

Art Direction 

Project Management

Event Production

Technical Oversight

Guest Experience 

Vendor Procurement + Management

Food & Beverage Oversight

VIP Handling

Talent Procurement 


Brand Ambassador Staffing

Event Look & Feel

Signage and Wayfinding


Design & Fabrication

Social / Networking Activities

Temp Staff & Brand Ambassadors

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