SITUATION: Drive national attention and excitement around Coors Light’s title sponsorship of the Stadium Series and go above and beyond a typical sponsorship.


TASK: Engage key beer drinkers in Los Angeles and Chicago and inspire them to tell their friends about Coors Light's sponsorship of the NHL Stadium Series and the Coors Light Explorers. 


ACTION: We managed the installation of two 70' wide by 30' tall ice mountains in busy locations within each city. The ice mountains were each reinforced with trussing and cabling allowing the Coors Light Explorers to physically climb and repel on the mountain to retrieve numbered hockey pucks for consumers. The numbered pucks corresponded to promotional give-aways like t-shirts, hockey sticks, hats and tickets to the Stadium Series games. We worked with videographers to create a minute-long video featuring NHL ice guru, Dan Craig, as well as an activation highlight reel that was used during the live telecasts of the Stadium Series games. 


RESULT: Consumers were surprised by the sheer size of the ice mountains and eager to participate in the activation. Postings of photos of the ice mountains and the Coors Light Explorers were tracked using #clusterpuck resulting in thousands of social media impressions. 



SITUATION: Promote Batch 19, a pre-prohibition style lager on Repeal Day. 


TASK: Develop consumer-facing events to promote Batch 19 in key accounts and at relevant special events, with a focus on ‘shareable’ moments.


ACTION: We created ‘gray-scale’ photography events in twelve markets across the United States. Each event included a customized 'gray' set and 'gray' 1920s-dressed models that – when photographed – depicted a Prohibition-style black-and-white bar scene. Promo staff used iPads to capture consumer data, immediately send guests their photograph and drove traffic to the Batch 19 Facebook page.


RESULT: Consumers were intrigued by the overall photo opportunity and the gray concept of the set and models. Lines of people queued for their chance to step back into the 1920s. More than 600 photos were captured at each of the events resulting in over 7,000+ social media impressions. 



SITUATION:  Promote the launch of Smith & Forge, a new hard cider within the MillerCoors portfolio. 


TASK: Create a thematic launch event in Brooklyn that communicates the brand's "gritty, but great" brand identity. 


ACTION: We took over the Brooklyn Bowl with a unique 1920s style event. Key beer drinkers were invited via Thrillist to come enjoy Smith & Forge Hard Cider and experience 1920s feats of strength games and live music. Activities included an arm wrestling tournament, a bowling competition, a High Striker competition, a custom photo booth with oversized props and blacksmiths forging branded belt buckles onsite. We interviewed and hired 30 promotional staff and sourced period-appropriate costumes. The evening culminated with a performance by Caveman as well as an appearance by “Breaking Bad” actor, Mike Ehrmantraut.


RESULT: This event was a huge success and consumers were excited about the first look and taste of Smith & Forge Hard Cider. Lines to get into the event formed around the block. Once inside, consumers actively participated in all the activities and experienced the true essence of the brand. 



SITUATION: wanted to create awareness around their annual top-rated family cars of the year awards.


TASK: Draw potential family car buyers to the website with interactive events in multiples cities.

ACTION: At each activation, we set up four distinct areas with branded tents and top-rated family cars, plus a children’s play zone. Promo staff drew people in and handed out branded tote bags and balloons. “Expert Moms” were on hand to educate attendees on the cars and correct car seat installation. Tablets with the website were preloaded and available at each tent station. Staff wore branded t-shirts with the hashtag #FamilyCarAdvice to deliver the social media message. The “Pack It to Win It” game excited participants as winners received valuable prizes.  

RESULT: Thousands of potential car buyers interacted with the brand and went to their website, gaining awareness and positive impressions.  In addition, people took photos, used the hashtag and members of the media picked up the story.    



SITUATION: MillerCoors released a new Coors Light aluminum pint package just in time for summer.  


TASK: Promote and celebrate the new Coors Light aluminum pint. Highlight the packaging in an unexpected way in multiple cities throughout the U.S.


ACTION: We selected four cities (Austin, West Palm Beach, New York and Chicago) in which to activate our 3D art incorporating the Coors Light aluminum pint. We hired a well-known 3D artist to create multi-dimensional paintings on busy streets and plazas with custom artwork relevant to that city, such as the New York skyline. The artwork allowed consumers to have a fun, unique interaction with each 3D painting (such as hugging the aluminum pint). We utilized Facebook and Twitter for consumers to share their photographs and spread the word of the aluminum pint 3D artwork.


RESULT: The Coors Light 3D street paintings were a huge hit in all cities across the U.S. Thousands of people stopped by to see, interact and take pictures with the one-of-a kind artwork. The 3D paintings drove more than 8,000 people to click ‘like’ on the Coors Light Facebook page and share it with their friends.